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Thepprasit multiflora bee pollen is composed of pollen from mimosa, camellia, fructus forsythia and etc, which are herbal flora from Pan-golden triangle areas, bordering Thailand, Laos and Burma.

It is a formula combination by our Apitherapy specialist, to ensure a mild balance benefit of bee pollen as food supplement.

Multiflora Bee Pollen (Product code: TPS002)


 Product name

 Thepprasit multiflora bee pollen

 Shelf life

 2 years



 Production date

 See on the bottle


 Natural bee pollen 100%


 Keep in dry condition

 Place of origin



 Pollen allergies is not recommended**


Recommendation of Usage:

Dietary balance:

Taken with food in the morning / a natural vitamin complexes

On diet :

As breakfast preferably taken with lime juice or a piece of fruit. The fruit fibers reinforce the activity of the fresh pollen.

-  Menstrual problem // incretion disorder:

Enhance the skin well-being, reduce fleck, hair-lose.

-  Intestinal transit problem and constipation.

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