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Big Bee Honey Vinegar is a  enzyme made from pineapple and honey fermentation.

It is light and aromatic, gold in color and delicate in flavor.

pineapple and honey are healthy foods.  The utilization of pure bee honey for vinegar production needed a fermentation process of about 6 months.  Our process ensures alcohol content of below 0.5% or almost zero,   which is FDA requirement for natural food or contains No Alcohol.

The final process was blended with Pure Honey of the right proportion. This process produced the best delicate flavor of the highest quality. It is a natural health drink that is light and aromatic, gold in color

Recommendation of usage:

1. Take 1-2 spoons (dilute in water or take directly) before meal for preventing acid reflux.

2. Take 1-2 spoons (dilute in water or take directly) after meal for help in digestion.

3. Use honey vinegar as ingredient for salad dressing and ferment meat.


Product name

Honey vinegar

Shelf life

2 years


700 ml.

Production date

See on the bottle




keep refrigerated once opened

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