Bee Venom Cream
Bee Venom Cream #31 Bee Venom Cream

#31 Bee Venom Cream

Product code: TPS033 What is Bee Venom Cream? Bee Venom is collected from bee stings. It is called a natural Botox. It contains multi-peptide which result in releasing the nerve tension under the skin , and can stimulates the skin ability to produce collagen and elastin. It fictions like Botulinum Toxin( BTX or botox). Scientist research show that it is an alternative choice for anti-wrinkle beside the method od BTX ejection.

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Name #31 Bee Venom Cream
Brands The Pamor
Shelf life 2 years
Ingredient Added with pure honey
Weight 190g
Country of Manufacture Таиланд

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